Our Story

Jodie & Howie met at agricultural university, both sharing a passion for music festivals & the great outdoors.

Milkpreneurs meet
Italian Trulli ​Imagine the scene…their eyes met over a green field, the gentle breeze wafting through the air, cattle mooing, when founders Jodie and Howie locked eyes… OK OK, the writer might have got carried away here, but the young and ambitious twenty-somethings did meet at agricultural uni where they shared a passion for the great outdoors, great music, great ideas….and milk. So what happened next?....
Shaken Udder Is Born
Italian Trulli After partying at V festival, Jodie and Howie noticed that amongst the array of food stalls, very little was available when it came to milk. This was bad news for Jodie who was, and still is, a self confessed milkaholic and would readily swap a fizzy drink for a glass of the white stuff. Together they had a ‘what if’ moment. What if there was a stall selling ice cold creamy milkshakes - the best ones in Britain - not made with synthetic syrup flavouring, but made on site, with real ingredients from a black truck, with a funky looking cow on the side? No one else was doing it. So their entrepreneurial spirit kicked in. The duo went on a flavour blending mission (in Howie’s mum’s farmhouse kitchen) - and tried hundreds of combinations mixed with ice cold dairy ice cream, and came up with the name Shaken Udder. Which unbeknown to them, was about to take the festival circuit by storm. And then in 2004…
Festival fields reached fever pitch
Italian Trulli Let’s not beat around the bush, Shaken Udder’s fresh and creamy milkshakes took off big style. Following on from the success of the previous year, festival goers loved the concept, the 120 shake flavours, the cow and the merch (Shaken Udder t-shirts and aprons were also a hit), it really was such an exciting time to be a milkpreneur. Gaining huge popularity, after exhausting themselves at a summer full of festivals, fans now wanted to know where they could get their milkshake fix all year round, not just at events. So the focus for Jodie and Howie was crystal clear, Shaken Udder needed to be in shops. They spent time, and money (their house deposit) researching and developing their shakes so they could go from fields to shelves.
Research, research, research
Italian Trulli Whilst still going to festivals up and down the length of the country, there was a lot going on in the background. Headaches mainly. But that’s what happens when you’re driven and focussed to get Shaken Udder onto shelves. So a good chunk of time (and money, again) was spent in researching and development. But in 2008, it paid off…
Harvey Nichols debut
Italian Trulli ​Where else to find a premium tasting, fresh and creamy milkshake but on the prestigious shelves of one of London’s top stores. After refining the recipes, using manufacturers that stayed true to their values, throwing their wedding deposit at a labelling machine (and delaying their nuptials)…and also jumping through a load of milkshake shaped hoops, Shaken Udder was ready to take the milk aisles by storm, and they did. Could it get any better? Of course!....
Hello Harrods and the high street
Italian Trulli As well as their trusty festival fan base, more retailers got a taste for their creamy delicious milkshakes, and founders Jodie and Howie launched Shaken Udder into, get ready for this: Harrods, Selfridges, Waitrose, Whole Foods Market, Booths, Fortnum and Mason. And to think it all started from when Jodie and Howie took over Howie’s mum’s kitchen to start creating this now infamous milkshake. But it didn’t stop there, just two years later and…
Wedding rings and supermarket chains
Italian Trulli Jodie and Howie finally got married and on the same day as Will and Kate, after delaying it for 3 years because they spent their wedding fund on a new labelling machine - that’s dedication for you. Things got even better when Tesco said “I do” and stocked the entire fresh and creamy Shaken Udder range in 400 stores. There were even more reasons to celebrate coming up…..
Doing it for the kids
Italian Trulli It didn’t seem fair that ‘grown ups’ were getting all the fresh milkshake fun, it was time to launch something delicious for the littlest fans too. Strawberry and Chocolate cartons became an instant hit with schools and cafes. And because of all this great success, demand grew even more and it was time to up sticks and move to a larger manufacturing place to call home. Just as well, because in 2014…
Events galore
Italian Trulli Festival fans are thirsty people. And in 2014 you couldn’t go to a festival without seeing a long, happy queue for Shaken Udder. Leeds, Reading, you name the festival and fans were thirsty for fresh and creamy milkshakes, it was epic, 34 appearances in total. Howie even converted a lorry into a bedroom/office/freezer to make sure he could be on site and on hand for everyone’s milkshake needs. But there was still room to go bigger….
Shaken Udder goes XXL
Italian Trulli The range just kept growing. In response to thirsty customer feedback of wanting larger bottles, the 750ml was launched in Chocolush and Vanillalicious flavours. And whilst that was all happening another mouth watering flavour was added to the range: Salted Caramel with locally sourced Essex salt. It was a very busy year, but not quite as hectic as…
No time to sleep
Italian Trulli This year is worthy of bullet points to give a glimpse into the busyness of the business - and with a jam packed festival schedule too:
● Launched YogOaty pouches into Tesco and won Dairy Innovation Awards 2017:
● Launched new Strawberries & Clotted Cream flavour:
● Revamped the design of the 750ml:
● Sainsbury’s stocked the 330ml bottles:
● Did the biggest on-pack promo ever:
A rest would be good, but no, 2018 got busy too…
New dairy-free shakes, shake up lockdown
It was a hard year for many, in many ways. The team kept working on milk ambitions when they could and were able to launch the newest dairy-free and plant-based range: Shaken Other. Demand was high as Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Boots were eager to stock the new 330ml, whilst Marks & Spencer and Asda wanted to go large with our dairy 750ml share bottles too in the same week. Gulp. Success during a tough year continued….
Up and at it after lockdown
It was full throttle for 750ml bottles, with the launch of the delicious Salted Caramel share size. But of course, more milkshakes meant more sales, so new milk-loving team members were warmly welcomed into the Shaken Udder family. Whilst lots of ideas, sustainability reviews and recipe sampling are going on behind the scenes, at front of house, the kids carton range had a bit of a revamp, and all straws became paper ones. Shaken Udder was now No.1 premium milkshake in the UK, and even took to TikTok.

What a phenomenal couple of years Shaken Udder has had growing away. We felt, with this growth, it was time we deserved a face lift. Cue, our fresh new look with the same great taste we all love