We’re very passionate about sustainability and are taking steps to ensure our business is as sustainable as possible. This is why we have created a sustainability page so you can see what we’re doing to improve on our sustainability and our future plans!

At present we’ve already taken steps for example we use PET bottles which are fully recyclable and they’re made from 30% recycled plastic. Also all of our cartons are made from FSC certified cardboard which can be widely recycled.

As you know every summer we visit festivals all across the UK which is why we use compostable cups and paper straws so we leave as little trace as possible. We don’t supply lids at events, sorry but it saves a lot on waste! Our staff also car share so we cut down on our carbon foot print.

Hop over to our sustainability page to read more! We’d love to hear your sustainable ideas email us at [email protected] with the title ‘shaking up sustainability.’